Goodbye To New York (Fifteen Months Later)

by Tara Ariano on November 21, 2013

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The Daily Show

We’ve lived in Los Angeles since last August, but I still sometimes get asked if I miss New York. Of course I do; it’s still the greatest city in the world, whether I live there or not (isn’t that magnanimous of me?). The way I usually answer this question is truthfully: I say that the things you miss about New York are replaced by things in L.A. that are also pretty good. I miss seasons, but I like the almost-always-beautiful weather here. I miss walking most places, but the conveniences one enjoys when one has a car are nice too. If the person who asks the question still lives in New York, I don’t say how much I love our apartment, and how being able to buy and store more than four rolls of toilet paper feels like an unimaginable luxury.

I also say we could always move back, even though I’m pretty sure Dave is done with New York. And though the last year has been great and I really do like it here, I guess I still thought of my residence here as temporary until this segment last night on The Daily Show (which I can’t embed here, apparently).

I don’t want to reopen the Chicago vs. New York pizza “debate,” because there is no debate: obviously New York’s is superior. But when both of those cities’ representatives ended the segment by crapping on California pizza, my honest reaction surprised me. First, I was offended by how unfair it was. No one thinks California pizza is anything special (though, that said, I had a pretty amazing white pizza with a fried egg on it last week at Pizzeria Mozza that I highly recommend). But right on the heels of that was what I actually yelled at the TV:



Pacific Rim

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