I Wish I Knew What This Means!

by Tara Ariano on June 13, 2011

in New York,News

In my last dream before I woke up this morning, Anthony Weiner had decided to try to burnish his image by volunteering at my local branch of the public library. It seems like that would be a good idea, but there were a few problems.

First, the put-upon, disgusted attitude that was so hot when I’d see it in videos of Weiner sighing his way through House debates with dumb Republicans was a lot less attractive when he was directing it at old men looking for large-print Tom Clancys.

Also, Weiner was still hitting on virtually every female patron.

Oh, and finally, Weiner seemed to be evolving into some kind of man/lizard hybrid. Like, he was in the usual semi-off-duty politician costume of dress shirt (no tie) and chinos, but he couldn’t wear shoes because of his giant two-toed lizard feet. Plus he had a forked tongue and a tail.

So…I thought I didn’t really care about this story, but my subconscious has let me know I was wrong.

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Barbara June 16, 2011 at 11:42 am

I see Lounge Lizard ( an old phrase) and Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing analogies. So, if i were walking through your brain, looking at these as museum exhibits ( or something) I would see:

Maybe he is really a good man, the scandal is just a human thing, we all make mistakes, look at the good things he is doing now, and has done in the past. Those are good things.

But, look, he treats real, normal, non-offensive people,people he volunteered to help, just like he treats powerful people when he is being covered on tv. This is odd; he does not show normal respect for the people he claims to be helping, ? even serving? Why is in IN Public Service when he appears to find service offensive

The good man is a cover, a costume. He shows disrespect, even scorn for men, but the disrespect he shows for women is in every corner of his life. Pervasive. NO respect, anywhere. Lizard isn’t the costume here, it is the “inner man” and that guy is really icky.

And the question behind this, is what about all the male politicians, who have some scandal, who treat women as sex objects, who seem to have many flirtations, are they all lizards or is this just Alpha Male behavior? Are they all just being boys? All just being men? ALL ?
that is where my brain either freezes or goes to questions i really don’t want to even ask, much less look at the answers.. I don’t know if this will help any, but that is what I see.

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